Saturday, August 4, 2012

People who are living in Malang always add a particle “a” in the end of their questions. They will also add “a” to be more certain over a statement or a fact. The pronunciation of “a” is not like “a” in English. It is more like “a” when we pronounce “u” in the word “up”. Some of my college friends who are not originally coming from Malang find that this is very strange when I add “a” in the end of my statement. If you have a chance to visit Malang, you will hear that some people tend to speak “Iyo, a?” which means, “Is that true?” or “Is that right?” There are also some words added with “a” in the end of the statement.

The focal thing about the use of particle “a” is we just want to emphasize the statement. Actually, if we do not use “a” in the end of our statement, it will be fine. People will easily capture what we mean. But, Malangnese will not be satisfied if they do not use “a” in the end of their statement. For example, “Sido budal a?” (Are we ready to leave?). Javanese people can capture the meaning of our word without adding particle “a”. Otherwise, Malangnese people feel that they can be in so much relief when they can add “a” in the end of their question or statement. Sometimes, it also affects how Malangnese people speak Indonesian. There it becomes, “Jadi berangkat a?” Based on my experience, a fellow from Cirebon, West Java, also adds “a” in the end of their question or statement. Shortly, “Is that true?” “Iyo, a?”


  1. Like the Malaysia 'lah', perhaps? I am Australian and people in some parts of this country add 'eh' (pronounced 'ay') to the end of their sentences. It is considered to be a bit 'kurang ajar' however.

  2. I got the point and this is new thing to me. I learned English at university and never knew this kind of habit. Thanks a lot for sharing. ;-)

    There must be similar expressions in some other countries, having their own meaning and intention. Don't you think you?

  3. Yes, there is a word for it but I can't remember what it is! filler word, perhaps?

  4. really need more knowledge about malangnese, differ from malang javanese though.....i've assignment about it in the next two weeks, tnx alot


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