Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Logically, the same number counts the same time, but it is actually not....'

As professionals, you will be encountering this classical issue. Your PM asks you why you are not able to complete the project as per timeline suggested while a long while ago you were able to complete the project with the same number as you are working on now. The assumption that the project with same word count will count the same hours is totally wrong. There are many things to consider when translating; subject matter or topic. If you can handle 1000 words of the general topic related project within 1 or two hours, this will be a different story if you handle 1000 words of patent or legal topic related project. And, if you treat them the same, you are at your own risk. Who knows your capacity then? You know it, not others. You should be honest in saying yes or no when a 'mouth-watering' project is just in front of your door.

If you are at the situation, try tips below:

  • Observe the file and make sure you are familiar with the topic before saying 'No' or 'Yes'

  • Make your own timeline and negotiate the timeline if yours does not match your PM's. If yours matches your PM's and you are sure you can handle the topic, just say 'Yes' and proceed with next step

  • Make sure the translation goes to the PM's criteria and the timeline agreed upon.

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