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Wikipedia suggests that loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a personcountry, group, or cause. Philosophers disagree on what can be an object of loyalty as some argue that loyalty is strictly interpersonal and only other human being can be the object of loyalty.

Yes, we are now talking about loyalty; loyal individual, loyal company and how loyalty is treated in ProBahasa Translation. To be loyal is a must for every individual and entity. This loyalty will lead us to success and better and stronger relationship between our partners and us. As a translation company, our partners are our freelancers, fellow translation companies and other relevant companies that make mutual relationship with us.

Loyalty is very rare and expensive product and thus we dare to pay it high to make things right. To be loyal means we are committed to individual or entity no matter what and we seek to serve as well as possible. So, how does ProBahasa Translation treat this loyalty?

Our Loyalty to our Translators
It is quite common that a translation company keeps looking for candidates to complement their arsenal. It is done with the reasons. Some are due to cost streamlining and some are due to quality issues. The second choice should be done and the first one should not be done. Streamlining the cost and terminating the existing translator contract is not a wise deed. We never do it. We treat our translators with high respect and loyalty. We have a database of loyal translators and categorized them as loyal based on their performance and their acceptance of our job. To show that we are also loyal to them, we award them with projects based on how long they work for us and how well they perform. The more time they spend for us, and the more quality the translation they provide us, the more projects are awarded to them. This is how we award our translators' loyalty.

Our Loyalty to our Partners
When talking about money, everything can go wrong. Thanks to our solid team and principle on this translation industry,we managed to handle this trivial but challenging issues. We do not know if our partners are loyal to us, but we always positively think that our partners are always loyal to us now matter how. If we see that the volume assigned to us decreases over the time, this does not mean that our partner is not loyal; as we think that they may hire different vendors. In ProBahasa Translation, partner is considered as the important key to success. Without them, we are nothing. Thus, we always serve them anytime with any level of difficulty. We sometimes found that one of our partners assigned us a very difficult translation project that no other vendor or fellow translation company would take it. To us, it is a must that we accept that offer. It is one of loyal deeds we can show to our partners. There are many things we can show them that we are loyal actually; never rejecting the project from them, never asking what is not supposed to be asked such as asking for the rate adjustment to higher level, while long collaboration has been successfully established. We prioritize every single project assigned to us and reject any projects coming from other outsourcers at the same time as we are afraid that those new projects from new different outsourcers will distract us from serving our existing partners. Missing big bucks will matter, but inability to be loyal to our existing partners will matter most. This is what we always take care of.

What if they are not loyal to us?
Whether to work with us or not, that is fully their own choices. We never think outside, rather than we think inside. If our English-Indonesian translators are no longer willing to work for us due to some certain reasons, e.g. better rates from other outsourcers, that is their own choice. Everyone deserves the best and we may not push it not to happen. Our duty is to work with the freelancers hand in hand without cheating each other or competing each other. For translation companies, it is quite normal that they keep looking for fresh talent to be their main linguists or backup translators. We realized this process and are still offering them some recruitment processes . This how we uphold loyalty in our company. No matter how loyal they are, the most important thing is that we are loyally serving them anytime.

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