Wednesday, October 14, 2015

One of our reasons why we prefer using SDL Trados Studio is that the platform is upgraded from time to time and can read the users' future requests. We recently upgraded our SDL Trados Studio 2014 to SDL Trados Studio 2015 and were initially wondering what enhancements this new upgrade will provide. The installation process takes like one in other Studio versions.

Though we intensively use SDL Trados Studio 2015, but we also install SDL Trados Studio 2011 and 2014 as, based on our experience, this 2015 version is sometimes not friendly to certain file extensions. By the way, our focus is not on its incompatibility. Let us talk about this great new feature of Trados 2015. This new add-on is called Web Lookup! and is available and compatible with SDL Trados Studio 2015. As this is an add-on, you need to install it separately. You need to download it from translationzone.

After it is installed, you will see the add-on on the upper part of your Trados and you can then use it for translation process. This feature is powerful. We are provided with popular web search platforms and even Google Translate if you would do the post-editing or machine translation. To use it in our translation process is very simple. We will guide you step by step as illustrated below.

Open your Studio and go to the file you will translate. The SDL Trados Studio 2015 will then display the editor view and you can go to Advanced tab and click on Web Lookup icon. See the left bottom part of your SDL Trados Studio 2015. You will notice some available web search platforms you can choose and use for translation process. Decide which platform you will use by clicking on one of them. After that, block the word about which you are curious. Say, we block revenue. When you are done blocking it, click on the platform you choose again and the word you are curious about will appear right below the translation editor. You can explore more from there. It is very simple, but we guarantee that it is so powerful.

To re-summarize, after you open your Studio and are ready to translate (opening the editor view):

  1. Open Advanced tab
  2. Go to Web Lookup
  3. Choose one of the platforms, e.g., Goole Search
  4. Block the word for which meaning you are searching, e.g., revenue
  5. The search result is then displayed below the editor
Yes, it is one of the reasons we call it 'the internet within'. We can get the word meaning at our finger tips, simply by a single easy click. Question? Contact us and we are here to freely share!


  1. Please create an external download link! I don't have the licensed version of TRADOS( Don't have money to buy it.


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