Sunday, February 26, 2017

In normal context, whether it is small or big project, translation requires a proper strategy.

This can be a case study we recently intend to share during the project completion. The project is not complete yet and the deadline is quite long as well; about March 31, 2017. It was assigned since January 2017. It is an English to Indonesian website localization project to which our area of expertise belongs. The number can be shown as below:

SDL Trados Studio 2015 - derived from po file
We officially use SDL Trados Studio for our daily operation as this is most powerful CAT tool; it is at least based on our experience and review. We have SDL Trados 2017 as well, but this is still in our review. We will fully migrate to this platform after we are fully aware of its advantages compared to its lower version, during the translation process.

So, we noted that we have a big project with quite long deadline. First of all, count every possible thing with, still, quality in mind. Consistency is the utmost consideration in addition to be in context. We have 149,871 words to translate with 3-month deadline and can be  formulated as follows:

Word count (WC) = 149,871
Deadline (DD) = 3 months (90 days)
Then, WC/DD = 1665

The output should be 1665 words a day and this is ideally handled by a translator with no weekend.

The translator should send the translation of 1665 words every day. And the deadline can be met, mathematically.

What if we assigned the project to our in-house translator?

We have this English to Indonesian translation project handled by our trusted in-house translator; an in-house translator with strong knowledge of website related matters in addition to her reliable linguistic skills. Our office is open from 8.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday. As we have this Indonesian website localization project handled by our in-house translator, we need to re-calculate the strategy. Please note that one translator is better in this case - at least the editing process by the Indonesian editor will be easy; tracking any errors can be easily done. Consistency can be guaranteed and mistakes can be minimized. So, we consider to assign this to one translator only. Let's see the formula as follows:

Word count (WC) = 149,871
Deadline (DD) = 3 months (90 days)
Working Days (WD) = 90 days - 24 days (weekend) = 88 days

Then, WC/WD = 1703
The output should be 1703 words a day and this is STILL IDEAL. 

The in-house translator should complete 1703 words a day from 8.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday.

For your information, we set around 2,000 - 2500 words to complete, for our in-house translator. The calculation should be within our range and this means that quality can still be guaranteed because our Indonesian in-house translator has more time to complete the project in a day. It is lesser than her actual everyday deadline. Also, due to matches and fuzzies we found, the translation process can be faster than the formula we set. We use SDL Trados Studio 2015 to handle this to ensure all is well handled from any perspectives, linguistic and technical perspective. Any idea? Share with us. :-)


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