Friday, January 29, 2016

The pay day is coming and it is time for us to prepare anything and transfer sum of money in the end. As we pay our in-house and freelance translators on monthly basis and the dates between 25-30th day of each month will be the most awaited moment for all of our translators. Yes, we bet we do.

ProBahasa knows well how to treat their translators and this has been proved for years from their testimonial and some unspoken utterances. We cannot guarantee uncut projects, but we strive hard to make it happen for everyone.

Recently, we are notified by one of our freelancers that she is able to pay her debt off thanks to ProBahasa projects. She can finally buy a new PC after she decided to freelance in ProBahasa around 4 months ago. The money she gets from us this month is not much. It is around US$650 (or around 9 million rupiahs). And she wrote to our team lead below:

Yes, we are happy when you are happy and we will lend our hands if you are in trouble. Wanna fly with us? Join ProBahasa Translation as freelance translator!


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