Friday, April 14, 2017

It's been long time! We hope you are doing fine.

Today we have a plug in to share. This is specially important for SDL Trados users of 2014, 2015, and 2017 versions. We call this Studio Time Tracker and this can be downloaded for free. It looks like as below:

So, this plug in will be embedded into the SDL Trados Studio and you need to CLOSE your studio when installing it. After being installed, this will appear in the left bottom of your Studio. Please check picture below:
To make this plug in work when you are translating, (Ups, we just forget the function of this plug in. This plug in is used to track the time spent by the translator when translating. It is quite good for evaluating our speed.), you need to make sure that the project to which time you want to track is listed in the project list.

Click on the Studio Time Tracker icon to get there, and click on New Time Tracker Project, choose the project you need to track the time while translating, then click on OK.

When done, click on the Start Activity Tracking or Start icon. Both will share function.

When you're done clicking on it, the button will be greyed out. It means that the tracker fully functions. Please do not worry about the Elapsed Time. This will run when you start the translation activity.

Now go back to the project you will translate, start the translation and let the tracker track the time spent for the project. When done translating, click on Stop button. The time tracker will stop. We have tested the project of forex topic with small amount of words; around 300 with the setting above. And the result is as follows:

Let us see the time spent for 300 words and we found as follows:

We started at 13:04:26 and we ended at 13:19:47. It takes 15 minutes to complete 300 word financial topic document. Now you know how your productivity can be measured using this small but powerful plug in. Need hands-on tutorial or training? Visit our office in Malang, East Java. We will show you for free.


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