Monday, May 8, 2017

We eagerly took the legal text translation course hosted by Munikasia. This is to affirm that we fully support the program our fellow companies conduct in addition to providing our in-house and freelance team with the necessary knowledge to maturely handle legal text. As we cited from the key speaker, DR. Sugeng Hariyanto:
Legal translation includes

  1. Text dealing with legal concept.
  2. Text dealing with legal proceeding.
  3. Text dealing with legal (communicative situation).
  4. Special text pertaining to legal field.
Take a note and we do not forget the food as well! :-)))))

L: Rifana, Vidia, Roza, Putri, DR. Sugeng, Wildan, and Djoko

Latest Mac and snack - Vidia
We learnt OmegaT as well before embarking. It was so much fun!! We are waiting for another session!


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